A Few Words About Us

Brits Against Brexit is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the #VoteRemain cause, trying to inform, educate and prevent a potentially catastrophic, irreversible and life changing event.

Our job is to teach people the real facts and figures behind the referendum, keeping you up to date about latest goings on in Brexit negotiations and British politics in general.

We aim to make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully help you to support us in our cause.

A Few Words About Brexit

Brexit, in simple terms, means "Britain Exit". Or, in longer terms "Britain Exit the European Union".

On June 23rd 2016, a nail-biting three months of rising tensions culminated in an extremely close vote in favour of leaving the EU. The 52% who voted Leave rejoiced, and the 48% who voted Remain spent the day in shock and sadness that something so finite had been decided on.

Essentially, that's what Brexit is. It is a catastrophic, life changing and irreversible event. Once Britain is no longer part of the EU, there is no turning back.

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